An early emphasis on vocabulary - possible class syllabus. Note: this is in addition to normalclasswork.

0 - 600 wordfamilies600 - 1000word families1000 - 2000word families2000 + wordfamilies
AimBuild startupvocabularyquickly.
Build classstudyatmosphere.
Build startupvocabulary.Reinforce directlearning withextensivereading andlistening toincrease lexicalaccess speed.Speed and quickreadingexercises.Consolidatestartupvocabulary.Reinforce directlearning. Buildchunking skillsto aid fluency /comprehension /speed. Learning fromcontext as themain vocabstrategy(WordBanksystem stilloperates). Buildaccuracy / worddistinctivenessawareness.Reading.Reading andReading.
Vocab typeReceptivevocabulary.Emphasis onwords of widerange andcoverage. Veryfew functors(tend to begrammatical andhard to acquire).Formulaicphrases. Loanwords. Recpetive andproductive.Functors andcontent wordswith wide range.Less commonmeaning ofalready knownword forms.Formulae. Loanwords. Fixedand semi-fixedexpressions.Sentence heads.
Emphasis onworddistinctions andboundaries.Work oncommon wordsfrom wordfamilies ofwords alreadyknown. Multiplemeanings.Commoncollocations /associations.Word roots andaffixes.Filling out wordfamilies. Lowfrequency wordsfor specialinterest e.g.Academic /medical etc.
Teacher - outof class taskCompile wordlists to hand outat each class.Write checktests.Compile wordlists to hand outat each class. Setup extensivereading andlistening. Writecheck tests.Compile wordlists to hand outat each class.Write check tests(this can behanded over foreach student inturn to write theclass test).Compile wordlists of specialneedsvocabulary.
Student - outof class taskCreateWordBank andword cards.Learn X wordsfor every classhour.Making wordcards andlearning them. Alot of work onextended readingand listening(e.g. 1/2 bookor tape classhour)Making wordcards andlearning them. Alot of work onextended readingand listening(e.g. 1 book ortape per classhour).Continue withextended reading/ listening.Introduce somenative speakerlevel video /reading asfluency work.Wide readingand listening - asmuch aspossible.
In class workExplain the needfor a large earlyvocabulary.Agree with classon settingvocabularytargets (X wordsfor every classhour). Set updirect learning -explainmnemonics andWordBank /vocabularynotebooksystems.
Do vocabgames/tests andexercisesdesigned tobuild the numberof wordsknown.
MonitorWordBank andSAC work.
Checkvocabularytargets are met -start a wall chart(?).
Administer wordcheck tests.
Sight / soundcorrespondencework.
Work on readingand listeningstrategies.
Do vocabgames/tests andexercisesdesigned tobuildassociations /and semanticnetworks.
Start work onword parts andword roots andon guessingfrom context ofgraded materialonly. Start touse Eng - Engdictionary.MonitorWordBankwork. Checkvocabularytargets are met.
Administer wordcheck tests.Buld readingand listeningstrategies. Dovocabgames/tests andexercisesdesigned tobuildassociations /and semanticnetworks. Speakabout reading /listening.
A lot of work onguessing fromcontext / wordparts and roots.