This is a vocabulary test 1-2000


Complete the underlined words. The first one has been done for you.

He was riding a bicycle____


1. It is the de______ that counts, not the thought.

2. Plants receive water from the soil through their ro____.

3. The nu____ was helping the doctor in the operation room.

4. Since he is unskilled, he earns low wa______.

5. This year long sk_____ are fashionable again.

6. Laws are based upon the principle of jus______.

7. He is walking on the ti____ of his toes.

8. The mechanic had to replace the mo_____ of the car.

9. There is a co_____ of the original report in the file.

10. They had to cl_____ a steep mountain to reach the cabin.

11. The doctor ex_______ the patient thoroughly.

12. The house was su_______ by a big garden.

13. The railway con_______ London with its suburbs.

14. She wan________ aimlessly in the street.

15. The organizers li________ the number of participants to fifty.

16. This work is not up to your usu______ standard.

17. They sat down to eat even though they were not hu______.

18. You must have been very br______ to participate in such a dangerousoperation.

19. I'm glad we had this opp_________ to talk.

20. There are a doz______ eggs in the basket.

21. Every working person must pay income t_____.

22. The pirates buried the trea_______ on a desert island.

23. Her beauty and cha_______ had a powerful effect on men.

24. La_____ of rain led to a shortage of water in the city.

25. He takes cr_____ and sugar in his coffee.

26. The rich man died and left all his we______ to his son.

27. Pup_______ must hand in their papers by the end of the week.

28. This sweater is too tight. It needs to be stret____.

29. Ann intro_______ her boyfriend to her mother.

30. Teenagers often adm_____ and worship pop singers.

31. If you blow up that balloon any more it will bur______ .

32. In order to be accepted into the university, he had to impr______his grades.

33. The telegram was deli_______ two hours after it had been sent.

34. The differences were so sl_______ that they went unnoticed.

35. The dress you're wearing is lov_______.

36. He wasn't very popu______ when he was a teenager, but he has manyfriends now.

37. In most countries parents don't have to pay for their children'ssecondary edu_________.

38. How would you grade this paper on a sc_______ of 1 to 10?

39. The jour______ from London to Wellington was full of surprises.

40. The driver reduced sp________ as he was approaching the city.

41. A train went off the ra_______ and crashed into the building.

42. In the past, European rulers built cas_________ to protect the citiesfrom attack.

43. She asked the barman for a glass of white wi_______.

44. He works in an office as a cl________.

45. I want to sleep. Ask the children not to make so much no_______.

46. The small town has dev______ into a big city.

47. The librarian arr________ the books in alphabetical order.

48. I don't want to go out. I pre_______ to stay at home.

49. What I have to tell you is secret. Please, sh______ the door.

50. The water is boi_______. Tea will be ready in a minute.

51. In many countries doctors ea_______ a high salary.

52. History students have to learn about anc________ civilizations.

53. Jerusalem is a ho_______ city for Christians, Jews and Muslims.

54. It was dif_______ to decide which person to hire for the job.