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Last updated Saturday November 10, 2012        

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Have a look around. I've updated most pages from the old website. Check out the links below.

Yes I'm aware some links are dead. I recently upgraded again to Macintosh and the transfer of the website has altered some links. I've decided to change the website making application and it's taking time to learn it. Hopefully this summer I'll have it up and running properly.


Check out my new Amazon Author Central page.

Thanks for awarding this site TEFL Website of the Month March 2010.

There is a vocabulary resource page and an Extensive Reading page. The Extensive Listening page is here.

  Here's the link to Rob Waring's Amazon Store so you can look at the titles I've worked on and maybe even buy some...  Amazon don't stock all the Foundations books - I don't know why.

Rob Waring's published EFL texts including the graded readers Foundations Reading Library, Footprint Reading Library, Page Turners and Sequences.

Here is the link to some papers I've written and some presentations I've given.

Check out the new link to Teaching English videos

 The SLA / FLT bibliography is still there (32000 references now). Not updated since 2003 though...  Soon I hope....

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