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These are in no particular order. If you have any additions (or find a page has moved), please contact me




ESL Reading It has some free graded reading materials
Japanese Manga in English Hundreds of them.....
BeeOasis A great site with lots of stuff written in basic English
BBC English Learning site One of the best!
BBC Music news As it says.
Daily Yomiuri Newspaper.  
The Japan Times Online English edition
Bangkok Post Student Weekly Has many articles written for non-native speakers of English.
Free online graded reader

A story about 2 people who meet at an English School in London.

BBC Online resources for students Mostly a link to the BBC's World Service radio broadcasts. But may help learners with intensive listening.
Modern English Digest (Samples only online) This is a magazine for EFL students. Various articles. Subscription is available at local agents in many countries.
Literacy Net It is managed by CNN San Francisco; it has a large number of  news stories to read , view and listen to. They come in their  original form, in an abridged form and in outline form.
Articles adapted from the South China Morning Post This site has topic-based material . They can use the Test or the Practice version. It also has an Active Dictionary which allows you to click on any word in an online text and it will link you to the dictionary .
Online Children's Stories Several online children's stories.
Online Graded reader "Call of the Wild" Students can read and listen to The Call of the Wild.
Soon Online magazine For EFL learners
The English Magazine Online magazine for English learners. Subscription needed.
TOPICS Online magazine for learners Learners of English as a second language express their ideas and opinions on topics of interest. readers can explore an international world. Has some short reading activities.
"The week"
It's a UK-based weekly precis of selected articles from the press, worldwide, but mainly British. Most articles are just a couple of paragraphs long. They also have an audio recorded version for the blind. Native speaker level English, but SHORT! Subscriptions: 
<the week(at)>
Peter Rabbit Not exactly graded, but high interest for many readers.

The site provides a simple but effective Audio Pictionary that enables learners to experience basic vocabulary in a fun way.