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Extensive Reading in the Second Language Classroom      Extensive Reading Activities for Teaching Language
Day, R. R., & Bamford, J. 1998. Extensive reading in the second language classroom. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Day, R. R., & Bamford, J. 1998. Extensive Reading Activities for teaching language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


ERF - The Extensive Reading Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes Extensive Reading and administers the Language Learner Literature Awards every year.

ER JALT SiG - Extensive Reading SiG of JALT. Contact:

JERA -The Japanese Extensive Reading Association (in Japanese)



Websites / links

The Extensive Reading Website. has an excellent range of materials you can copy.

Cosmopier's Kikuyomo website (Japanese)

The ELT News ER Blog which is mainly for announcements

George Jacob's site

In May 1997 there was a special edition of The Language Teacher on Extensive Reading. many of the articles ore on the JALT homepage or on the ER Website. There was another in May 2007.

Check out the online Graded reader assessment scheme at the ER Moodle.

Links to publishers' material for extensive reading
* Advanced Learning Systems, Inc.

Features the "Accelerated reader" system with computerized quizzes and record tracking for over 22,000 titles.

* Cambridge University Press

" exciting new series of original fiction, specially written for learners of English."

* Heinemann The site includes free downloadable worksheets for their titles

Macmillan ELT English Site


* Oxford  Contains useful info: "What are graded readers", "How are readers graded?", "Some ideas for using graded readers" and "Setting up a class library".

Summer holiday Reading By David R. Hill
* Penguin


Teacher's books on developing reading skills

Three very good books on the practical side of teaching reading

Grellet, J. 1996. Developing reading Skills. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Nuttall, C. 1997. Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language. Practical Language Teaching Series. Heinemann Educational, London.
Silberstein, S. 1996. Techniques and resources in teaching reading. Oxford, Oxford University press.

Activities for using class readers.

Greenwood, Jean. 1988. Class readers. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Students' books for strategy learning

Mikulecky, B and L. Jeffries. 1998. Reading Power (Second Ed.). Longman.
Introduces students to basic reading skills. There is also a "Basic Reading Power" and a "More Reading Power", in the same series.