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The best place for ER references is at the ER website.

Don't miss the online journal "Reading in a foreign language" which has scholarly articles about ER (and other matters of course!).

Oxford University Press Japan have put a free 'Guide to Graded Reading' on their website. It is a downloadable Adobe pdf file. It is also available in print - contact OUP directly. Click here for the English version or the Japanese version. And OUP has another of my articles.

The Language Teacher May 1997 articles

bullet Extensive Reading: What Is It? Why Bother? by Julian Bamford & Richard R. Day
bulletGraded and Extensive Reading -- Questions and Answers by Rob Waring
bulletThe Language Learning Benefits of Extensive Reading by Paul Nation
bulletSetting Up An Extensive Reading program: Practical Tips by David R. Hill
bulletGraded (Basal) readers -- Choosing The Best by David R. Hill
bulletWhat One Extensive Reading Program Looks Like by Marc Helgesen

There is a series of articles about graded reading available at the main Oxford University Press readers site. It is a series of articles that appeared throughout 2001. It is inside the Teacher's Pages.  The direct url does not work because you have to have an ID first (free).

There are supplementary notes for the Oxford University Press / David English House Certificate in Teaching Japanese Students in which Extensive Reading was discussed.

Sundry articles online - just a few

First try the The Extensive Reading Pages, then ... in no particular order. ...

Bell - Extensive Reading- Why- and How- (I-TESL-J)

Cambridge English readers Articles

Extensive Reading and Speed

Extensive Reading in the Second Language Classroom (book review)

Internet and Extensive reading

Graded reader publisher Cideb (who have their Black Cat readers)  have a short introduction to ER.